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Timeless Harmony - A Calendar

Timeless Harmony - A Calendar

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About The Product

Introducing our extraordinary Eternal Marble Calendar – a captivating fusion of wood, marble, 18 CT Gold, and elegance that transcends time. Meticulously crafted with a blend of natural elements, this calendar stands as a timeless symbol of organization and beauty.


Harmony among materials defines the inspiration behind this calendar. The seamless fusion of wood, marble & 18 CT gold creates a visually stunning piece that embodies elegance and sophistication. Each material contributes to the overall aesthetic, offering a unique and harmonious balance.


Meticulously crafted by skilled artisans, the Eternal Marble Calendar features three carefully designed disks, each adorned with exquisite 18 ct gold metal markings. The combination of marble, wood, and opulent gold details creates a luxurious and visually striking piece that stands out as a symbol of timeless elegance.

Care Instructions

Maintain the enduring beauty of the Eternal Marble Calendar by disassembling it and gently wiping it with a light hand and a dry cloth. The same care and attention to detail that went into crafting this piece should be mirrored in its upkeep, ensuring it remains a symbol of organization and beauty in your home.

To Bring things Together  

Indulge in the perfect blend of functionality and beauty with our Eternal Marble Calendar. Inspired by harmony among materials, this calendar transcends time, inviting you to experience the passage of days and months. Elevate your space with this timeless piece of art.

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