Why Meir?

We offer artisanal products that focus on creating timeless designs. At Meir , we see home decor as a canvas for storytelling. Each piece is meticulously designed to share your world, experiences, and dreams. Our products embody the delicate balance between art, design, and functionality, redefining Indian luxury.
Our goal is to create pieces that are not only beautiful but also to provide our customers with products and experiences that they can enjoy and cherish for a lifetime.

From exquisite delights to heartfelt gestures, each item is a token of love waiting to be unboxed. Explore our collection and unlock the joy of wholesale gifting. 

Mandarin current Wax Closet Freshener

Aroma Therapy

Immerse your senses in the soothing scents of our Aroma Therapy Collection.... 

Crafting Timeless Beauty with a Green Heart

We believe in a future where style meets sustainability. For every Meir product you welcome into your home, we pledge to plant a tree—an act of kindness towards Mother Earth.

Join us in creating a sanctuary that not only radiates elegance but also nurtures our shared home.