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Our Vision:
Established in 2022, Meir Living holds a vision: to redefine home decor and the concept of Indian luxury. We believe in the power of unique, well-designed, and authentic products that transcend the ordinary.

Crafting Unique Narratives:
At Meir , we see home decor as a canvas for storytelling. Each piece is meticulously curated to share your world, experiences, and dreams. Our products embody the delicate balance between art, design, and functionality, redefining Indian luxury.

Designed and Produced in India:
We take pride in celebrating the rich heritage of Indian craftsmanship. Every Meir product is lovingly designed and crafted right here in India, supporting local artisans and contributing to their growth.

A Departure from Mass Production:
In a world of mass-produced goods, we stand as a beacon of uniqueness and quality. We are committed to avoiding mass production, ensuring each piece is crafted with precision and care, resonating with individuality.

Timeless Beauty and Authenticity:
Our commitment to timelessness and authenticity shines through each piece we create, whether in the form of elegant artisanal products or modern, luxurious designs.

Rediscovering Indian Luxury:
Meir Living envisions home decor that transcends trends, becoming cherished heirlooms passed down through generations.

Unforgettable Experiences:
True luxury lies in the joy and satisfaction our customers derive from our products. Our goal is to provide not only beautifully crafted items but also unforgettable experiences that resonate with our patrons, leaving a lasting impression on their hearts and homes.

Our Policies & Visions

Returns & Refunds

At Meir Living, customer satisfaction is our utmost priority, and we strive to ensure a seamless shopping experience. If, unfortunately, you receive a broken or damaged item, we offer a return and refund option within 24 hours of delivery. To initiate the return process, kindly provide an unboxing video clearly showcasing the damaged item.

Once we verify the issue, a full refund will be issued promptly. Please note that our return policy is limited to instances of damage or breakage during transit. In all other cases, we gladly offer exchanges for alternative products from our diverse catalogue. We are committed to resolving any concerns and assisting you in finding the perfect piece that complements your space. For any inquiries or assistance, our customer support team is here to help – reach out to us at

Meir's Environmental Impact

At Meir Living, we wholeheartedly recognize our responsibility to the environment, and sustainability is at the core of our values. As we endeavor to bring the best quality products to our customers, we remain committed to ensuring that the environment doesn't bear the brunt of our endeavors. With a mindful approach, we conscientiously select materials, favoring vegan and eco-friendly options wherever possible. By opting for sustainable alternatives, we strive to minimize our ecological footprint and contribute positively to the preservation of our planet. Our team meticulously sources materials that meet our stringent environmental criteria, enabling us to create luxurious home decor pieces that not only stand the test of time but also align with our vision of a greener and more responsible future.

As part of our dedication to environmental stewardship, we are proud to announce that for every Meir product sold, we plant a tree. With this initiative, we aim to support reforestation efforts and make a positive impact on the global ecosystem. By choosing Meir, you not only bring timeless elegance into your home but also play an active role in nurturing the planet we call home. Together, let us embrace a more sustainable way of living, one beautiful design and one planted tree at a time.

Wholesale & Bulk orders

At Meir Living, we take immense pleasure in catering to bulk and wholesale orders for a diverse array of occasions. Whether it's for cafes, restaurants, wedding gifts, showers, or any other joyous celebration, we are delighted to provide our exquisite home decor products in larger quantities.

As a testament to our commitment to exceptional service, we offer customized packaging options tailored to the order quantity, ensuring a seamless and personalized experience for your special event. Our dedicated team is eager to assist you throughout the process, ensuring that every detail meets your expectations. Embrace the elegance of Meir Living's timeless designs and elevate your celebration with our artisanal products, crafted with passion and attention to detail. Let us be a part of your cherished moments, making them even more memorable with our luxurious home decor.

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We are constantly on a lookout for designers, If our vision and work align with yours feel free to send us your resume & portfolio!