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Radiant geometry | Tea Light Holders

Radiant geometry | Tea Light Holders

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About The Product

Illuminate your living space with our exquisite Geometric Tea Light Holder Set! Crafted with precision, this set of tea light holders adds a touch of sophistication and glamour to your home decor.


Drawing inspiration from the ancient Cheonbu concept of circle, square, and triangle representing earth, heaven, and people, this tea light holder set embodies a harmonious balance of elements. The geometric design brings a sense of unity and elegance to your living space.


Made of high-quality metal, these tea light holders are not just decorative; they're built to last. The luxurious golden hue and elegant design enhance the overall aesthetic, creating a cozy and intimate atmosphere in any room.

Care Instructions

Maintain the timeless beauty of this Geometric Tea Light Holder Set by gently wiping it with a dry soft micro-fiber cloth. The care and precision that went into crafting these holders should be reflected in their upkeep, ensuring they remain a shining centerpiece in your home.

To Bring Things Together, 
Whether you're hosting a dinner party or enjoying a quiet evening at home, our Geometric Tea Light Holder Set is designed to impress. The Cheonbu-inspired geometric shapes add a symbolic touch, while the golden hue and elegant design create a warm and charming ambiance. Elevate your space with these luxurious tea light holders that bring tranquility and sophistication to any occasion.


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